July 2019

Food safety a collective effort

Food safety is in the spotlight and will remain in the spotlight for times to come. The meat industry had its fair share in this regard with last year’s listeriosis outbreak. We learned a number of important lessons. The most important one is that food safety, specifically meat safety, is not the responsibility of any role player alone. 

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There is NO evidence that Swine Influenza occurs in pigs

There is no evidence that Swine Influenza (SI) occurs in pigs in South Africa, says Dr Peter Evans of SAPPO. Reacting to media reports, he says that his statement is based on not finding antibodies to SI during numerous country-wide serologic surveys. 

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No news is good news

Another week has passed with no cases of ASF being reported. Producers are however reminded to remain vigilant and keep up their high biosecurity procedures.

ASF communication strategy in the spotlight

The scenario strategist, Chantell Ilbury, facilitated a workshop at the SAPPO offices in Pretoria to assist the organisation to compile a comprehensive communication strategy on ASF for the informal and formal pig market. Messages, media and target audiences were identified. These will now be refined by SAPPO team. 

Data: What does pork producers have to say?

Karl Dinkelmann of AccTech will be the keynote speaker at SAPPO’s 2019 AGM & Conference. But what are SAPPO’s data needs? Dinkelmann had a brief session with SAPPO members this week to establish these requirements. And the farmers had their say. On the photograph are from left (back) Karl Dinkelmann, Nico Scheltema (SAPPO), Shaun Mockford (Limpopo), Stephen Butt (KZN) and Charl Braak (Gauteng). Front: Isabel Bröcker (SAPPO) and CP Kriek (Free State).

Relations with the WC government going places.

Dr Cilliers Louw (SAPPO Western Cape), says his relationship with the authorities in the Western Cape is progressing. He is forging strong links with the Western Cape department of agriculture and its sub-directorate, farmer support and development. The photograph was taken at the departments annual symposium. From left are Jerry Arries from the directorate, farmer support and development, Dr Mogale Sebopetsa (who received his Phd) and Dr Cilliers Louw (SAPPO)

Tippie says goodbye

Tippie Marais of Phibro Animal Health died on 10 July of complications after a motor vehicle accident on 25 June. According to Anette Rossouw, a former colleague at Hipra, Tippie will be remembered for his jovial, talkative personality.

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Pork will sparkle in Soweto

SAPPO, Lynca, Roots Butcheries and Orchard Bounty and Crown National Spices will present the Roots Park Festival at Roots Butchery, Protea Gardens, Soweto next week to promote pork. Various pork tastings will be provided, and pork hampers are up for grabs.

Say your say

Thoko Didiza has been appointed the new minister of agriculture, land reform and rural development. She held the post of minister of agriculture and land affairs from 1999 to 2006. Are you positive about her appointment? Mail “yes” or “no” or “maybe” to You are welcome to briefly motivate your answer. Feedback in next weeks’ SAPPO Weekly Update.

CS Vet's Pic of the Month

Does your photograph has what it takes to be CS Vet’s Pic of the Month? CS Vet will sponsor a cash prize of R500 for the best photograph of the month. The winner will also receive a goody bag from SAPPO and our input suppliers. Any pig, pork or piggery related photograph or of the people involved in the piggery will do. Only one photograph per mail please. Send entries to

SAPPO AGM: Your last chance to register

The deadline for SAPPO’s AGM has been extended to next Friday, 2 August.
• Click here to access the registration form.
• To wet your appetite, here is the AGM programme. See you at Misty Hills.

Huge potential for livestock exports, but biosecurity nonnegotiable

Agriculture has been identified as one of the sectors that will ignite growth and job creation in South Africa. This will be export-led, but for export  activity to take off, biosecurity is key, said Wandile Sihlobo, chief economist of Agbiz. 

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NAHF: Progress, but still much to be done

Dr Pieter Vervoort, chairman of the National Animal Health Forum (NAHF), said at a media briefing last week that although the NAHF has made good progress since its inception thirteen years ago, there is still great room for improvement.

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Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

SAPPO’s updated ASF report, ASF could change the world’s protein situation forever, ASF: Africa is sitting on a time bomb, SAPPO AGM & Conference 2019: Don’t miss this one! Opens: South Africa (354), USA (27), UK (16), Ireland (9), the Netherlands (7), Mozambique (5) and Finland (4). Read Update

We have a new web address

The address of SAPPO’s infohub has changed to New on the site: South Africa’s carbon tax matters; Flies can play a role in transmitting ASF into farms; Gangs in China fake outbreaks of African swine fever; ASF could change the world’s protein situation forever. Visit site

Tyson sued over deceptive advertising

Consumers have been misled, claim two consumer advocacy groups who have sued Tyson Foods, over the meat packer’s environmental practices. Read more

Farmers earn more from YouTube than crops

It’s a sign of the times when farmers make more money advocating for the industry on social media than actually farming. Read more

AI courses to be presented in the next months

SAPPO’s Baynesfield Training Academy and PIC will present a training course on AI in Richmond, Natal in August. This will be a practical, as well as a theoretical course.
Read more. PIC will also present an AI course at Niemen Stud in Magaliesburg on 15 and 16 October. Read more 

Registrations now open for AFMA's 2019 Symposium

Registrations are now open for AFMA’s 2019 Symposium. The Symposium will take place on 29 October 2019 in the Diamond Auditorium of the CSIR International Convention in Pretoria.
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Trade show highlights potential global markets

The Global Trade Show of Networking and Matchmaking South Africa 2019, which will take place in Midrand nest week, is a trade and business fair offering an excellent opportunity for everyone to access the South African and Continental markets. It also highlights potential global markets for local buyers. Read more

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SAPPO seeking new approach to ASF

A communal pig farming operation in Koppies in the Free State was the location of the latest positive case of ASF. The surviving pigs (76) were culled last week Saturday, thanks to the efforts of SAPPO and the Free State veterinary services, assisted by NSPCA to ensure that the exercise was done humanely, says Dr Peter Evans. Read more

Stand van die bedryf

Isabel Bröcker, hoof van besigheidsintelligensie by SAPPO, bespreek die invloed van die afgelope jaar se markkragte (plaaslik en internasionaal) op die bemarkbaarheid en prys van varkvleis. Die artikel het voorheen in Landbouweekblad verskyn.
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Pork 360 working group established

Anné Calitz, project manager at SAPPO, said that SAPPO and the barcode and traceability specialists, GS1, have established a working group to investigate the marketing of Pork 360 products in the retail space. The aim, among others, is to limit the possibility of food fraud. The working group will hold a session with traders before end of July


AGM registrations will soon close

Registrations for SAPPO’s AGM, as well as exhibition bookings, will close on 22 July 2019. There are still a few exhibition spots available, but input suppliers will have to hurry. Read more about the AGM and SAPPO’s exhibitor of the year competition.
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Vets having fun

Dr Cilliers Louw, SAPPO’s veterinary representative in the Western Cape, reports on the Pig Vet Society’s CPD day.
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SAPPO on Landbouweekliks

Johann Kotzé, SAPPO CEO, will be interviewed on Landbouweekliks on 2 July at 19:30 (DStv channel 147). He will, among others, talk about ASF and Ensminger. Watch the preview.

In your next Porcus

• Special feature: Delicious pork in the media 
• All about the Ensminger Symposium
• Nutritional manipulation of animal products to produce functional foods
• SAPPO’s consumer education campaign with DRUM
• Social pigs: A new dimension to pig genetics
• Pig day at Onderstepoort
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Easter digital campaign outperforms industry benchmark

To promote the enjoyment of pork dishes over the Easter period (when there is a lot of entertaining), a digital campaign with 12 short SA Pork cooking videos was flighted on the social media platforms of Here’s a short summary of the campaign report. Read more

Milestone for PIC's Irmarie

Irmarie Taljaard presented her masters trial at the 51st South Africa Society of Animal Science (SASAS) in Bloemfontein earlier this month. Her trial was on new approaches to feeding the modern PIC 337 pig.

Agbiz/IDC Agribusiness Confidence Index weakened in Q2, 2019

Following a marginal improvement in the Agbiz/IDC Agribusiness Confidence Index to 46 in the first quarter of this year, sentiment fell back in the second quarter to 44. A level below the neutral 50-point mark implies that agribusinesses are still downbeat about business conditions in South Africa. The survey was conducted between 27 May and 6 June 2019. 
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ASF Vietnam: Commercial farms hit; higher pork import prices

No longer is African Swine Fever (ASF) a problem that is only hitting pigs in villages in Vietnam. It has also started hitting large-scale industrial farms in the country, according to the Vietnamese authorities.
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Tough decisions: Animal mortality disposal during a disease outbreak

African swine fever (ASF) is taking over the news headlines now, but it’s not the only foreign animal disease posing a threat to animal health, the national economy and the environment, writes Jennifer Shike in Farm Journal’s Pork.
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Issue No 8

In this issue we cover the following topics:

1. Production and trade information gap within the industry trusts: Does this hinder transformation progress in the agricultural sector?
2. South African mohair industry: A global leader
3. Asset performance of the horticultural trusts
4. Meet the new ministerial trustees in the Winter Cereals Trust and Mohair Trust

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logo NAMC

Visit the NAMC Agri-Trusts Portal at :

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May 2019


Africa has a huge export potential

Although China seems a logical choice to explore in terms of South African pork exports in the light of that country’s huge ASF problem, I believe that we have not yet explore the many opportunities in Africa enough. 

The North West University conducted a study on the pork export potential worldwide on behalf of SAPPO (see report below) and the findings are rather interesting.


SAPPO AGM & Conference 2019: Don’t miss this one!

SAPPO AGM & Conference 2019: Don’t miss this one!
The pork industry constantly needs new and useful insights to remain sustainable, competitive and profitable. By introducing new ways to collect, share, collaborate and analyse the ever-increasing amounts of data to the industry, SAPPO aims to provide intelligent business insights.


Bedryf gesels met die media oor ASF

Johann Kotzé op OFM: Afrika-varkpesvirus raak kleinboere, maar verspreiding daarvan word beperk

Johann Kotzé op OFM: Suid-Afrika se varkkuddes word beskerm ná uitbreking van Afrika-varkpes

Dr Pieter Vervoort op OFM: Betrokkenes hanteer Afrika-varkpesvirus in die Vrystaat


Pork exports still in the agenda

Trade Research Advisory (TRADE) at the North West University has conducted an investigation into export possibilities for the South African pork industry. TRADE has developed a scientific method to identify export opportunities for a company or industry. 

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Become a SAPPO member to vote for your representative

If you want to vote for your provincial representative on SAPPO’s executive council next year, you must be a member of the organisation. The closing date for membership applications is 30 June 2019. Here is the application form. Please send this to


Kyk na SAPPO se jongste promosie-video

Vier maniere met ‘n varkblad: Tuis/Home

kyk video


Watch SAPPO's latest promotion video

Pork belly made easy: Taste Magazine

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Strengthening the team (1)

Danie du Plessis has been appointed chairperson of SAPPO’s Audit and Risk Committee. He has been a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 33 years. He provided professional services to a variety of corporate and family-owned businesses. Since 30 June 2014 he serves as an independent director/trustee of several entities, acting as chairman of four audit and risk committees and providing non-audit services to various companies. 

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Strengthening the team (2)

Willie Miller is an industrial engineer, who spent the last 23 years in the banking sector. He will consult SAPPO on various matters. He served on FNB’s executive committee, responsible for the Private Banking division and also as CEO of the Business Banking division. He is chairman of FNB’S Agricultural Advisory Board. This role introduced him to agriculture. “When SAPPO invited me to join its board I could not resist,” he says. 

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New application for statutory levy

SAPPO applied for the continuation of the statutory levy. The organisation’s application is being considered by the National Agricultural Marketing Council. If approved, the statutory measures will be applicable until 31 October 2022.


Geared for the future

Training and team building remain a priority for the SAPPO staff, says CEO Johann Kotzé. Apart from valuable team building exercises, the staff received training on numerous matters recently.


The DRUM experience

SAPPO’s sponsorship of the magazine, DRUM’s, search for a food ambassador opened a lot of pork opportunities among a new generation. See how the final cook-off went.

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FMD: The battle is over, but the war continues

The Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (DAFF) has declared the end of the FMD outbreak, as there have not been any new cases since February, and more than three incubation periods have lapsed with no new cases being observed.


Cabinet 2019: Streamlining welcomed

Agri SA and Agbiz welcomed the new cabinet, but this is only the first step, the organisations said. Read the media statement of Agri SA and the one of Agbiz. Agri SA welcomes President Cyril Ramaphosa’s smaller, more streamlined cabinet, but now we need engagement with the new officials about policy issues that farmers face.


New on SAPPO's infohub

  • Breeding reduces environmental impact with 1% per year
  • China’s love of pork may not be enough
  • Hormel lawsuit reveals what ‘natural’ meat really means
    Africa’s first international agricultural technology exhibition on its way
  • Ailing pigs could be a boost for SA pharma industry
  • How are water licenses processed?
  • Trade talks have an influence on hog and wholesale market

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SAPPO News is the monthly electronic newsletter of the SA Pork Producers’ Organisation.
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These are SA’s best butcheries!!!

Courtesy of: South Africa Food Review

The country’s very best butcheries were announced at a luncheon held on the 30 May 2019 at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg.

Now in their fourteenth year, the Cleaver Awards, which are proudly supported by Freddy Hirsch, acknowledge butcheries which meet consumer expectations on in-store hygiene, the supply of quality assured roller marked South African Beef, their level of competency in offering the best advice on meal preparations and perceived value for money.

National winners at the Cleaver Awards: Adriaan de Klerk (West End Vleismark, Kimberley); Marius Jordaan (Karaglen SuperSpar, Edenglen Johannesburg); Johanna Julies (Malmesbury SuperSpar); Frank Halewijn (Frank`s Meat Supply Retail City, Middelburg); Hendrik Steenkamp (Boma Vleismark, Moreleta Park) and Francois Rossouw (Impala Vleis, Brits). (Photo: Adell de Beer)

Mr Dewald Olivier, who was appointed as executive officer of the The SA Feedlot Association (SAFA) last year, says that since these Awards started in 2005, butchery standards have significantly improved and feedback from consumers shows that the majority perceive the Cleaver Awards to be a seal of approval, most importantly because a butchery cannot enter themselves, they have to be nominated by their customers.

SA red meat

The Cleaver Awards are an initiative of the South African Red Meat Industry Forum. Consumers are asked towards the end of every year to vote online and nominate their best butchery. These nominations are tallied and finalists are individually and anonymously assessed against a 212 point checklist. This year saw over 40 000 nominations received, the biggest to date.

Guests at the Awards today included senior members of the meat production and retail industry, Award finalists from around the country, judges and media.

Butchers were judged according to three categories namely:

  • butcheries with three or more till points
  • butcheries with three or fewer till points
  • food market/supermarket butcheries.

 Cleaver awards winners


 Three and more tills:

  • Boma Vleismark, Moreleta Park – Platinum
  • Impala Vleis, Brits – Gold

 Up to three tills:

  • West End Vleismark, Kimberley – Platinum
  • Frank`s Meat Supply Retail City, Middelburg – Gold

 Meat Markets:

  • Malmesbury SuperSpar, Malmesbury – Platinum
  • Karaglen SuperSpar, Edenglen – Gold


Three and more tills:

  • Kings Meat Deli, Lynnwoodbridge – Platinum
  • Kings Meat Deli, Castle Walk, Erasmuskloof – Gold

 Up to three tills:

  • Hokaai Meat, Gift Acres, Lynnwood – Platinum
  • Taste Butchery, Moreleta Park – Gold

Meat Market:

  • Uitkyk Vleismark, Silverton – Platinum
  • Pick & Pay, Waverly – Gold


 Three and more tills:

  • Vleislapa, Marshalstreet, Polokwane – Platinum


 Three and more tills:

  • Goudkopslaghuis, Klerksdorp – Platinum
  • Vision Meat, Klerksdorp – Gold

Up to three tills:

  • Tristar Meat, Schweizer Reneke – Platinum


 Meat Market:

  • Malelane SuperSpar, Malelane – Platinum
  • Komatipoort SuperSpar – Gold


Three and more tills:

  • Fredilia Meat, Welkom – Platinum
  • Power Meat Centre, Welkom – Gold


Three and more tills:

  • Cuyler Butchery, Uitenhage – Platinum

 Meat Market:

  • Our Superspar, Walmer, PE – Platinum
  • Levyvale SuperSpar, Uitenhage – Gold


Up to three tills:

  • Tollies Slaghuis, Hartenbos – Platinum
  • Akeru Butchery, Gordonsbaai – Gold

 Meat Market:

  • Oudtshoorn Spar, Oudshoorn – Platinum
  • Protea Hoogte Spar, Brackenfell – Gold


 Three and more tills:

  • Longbury Meat Market, Phoenix – Platinum

 Up to three tills:

  • Dirks Meat Market, Durban North – Platinum

The winners in each category received Platinum Awards and the runners up Gold Awards. First prize winners in each national category received an R 20 000 cash prize and a Platinum Trophy Award. The runners up received an R 10 000 cash prize as well as a Gold Cleaver Award Trophy. All of the provincial winners received either a Platinum or Gold Cleaver Award Trophy in their category.

Read also the following articles online:

  1. After 12 Magazine: “Cleaver Awards Winners Announced”
  2. Bizcommunity: “Cleaver Awards 2019 honour SA’s best butcheries”


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Media statement             30 May 2019  

ANTHRAX OUTBREAKS IN LESOTHO                         

The Veterinary Authority of Lesotho has reported three anthrax outbreaks to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).  The first outbreak started on 12 May 2019 and a total of 24 cattle were reported to have died of anthrax.

What is Anthrax?

Anthrax is a disease of humans and warm-blooded animals and is caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Animals become infected by eating or licking material that is contaminated with spores or breathing in the spores. These spores are formed when the bacteria are exposed to oxygen in the event that an animal that died of anthrax is cut open. The spores are resistant and survive for long periods (up to decades) in the environment. Humans most commonly contract the disease through contact with anthrax-infected animals or animal products such as meat.

Read the full Media Statement online

For more information go to the

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21 May 2019

Final Report

1.      Introduction and summary

South Africa had an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and lost the OIE recognised FMD free zone without vaccination status on 7 January 2019.  The disease, in the free zone, was first noticed on 2 January 2019 and confirmed on 7 January 2019 by the OIE FMD reference laboratory.  The last positive location was reported to the OIE on 4 February 2019.

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is confident that the clinical end point of the outbreak was reached on 31 January 2019 and the final report on this event was submitted to the OIE on 7 May 2019.

Read the report

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ASF Update: Heilbron

Another outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported near Heilbron in the Free State. Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO and Dr Peter Evans, responsible for consumer assurance at the organisation, visited the farm on 13 May and they are satisfied that the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) are applying the necessary control measures.

The farm, of an upcoming small producer, was placed under quarantine and depopulation will take place this week under the supervision of the SPCA and the state veterinarian in the province.

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ASF in Delmas well maintained and no course for alarm

johann-kotze-sappo     African Swine Fewer (ASF) was diagnosed in mid-April on a small farm in the Delmas area in Mpumalanga. The farm had about 180 pigs, mainly fattening pigs, and a few sows bought from an auctioneer in the area. They were fed a mixture of bran and vegetable by-products from a local vegetable factory.

Mpumalanga Veterinary Services immediately placed the farm under quarantine.

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NAHF keeps close watch over health matters

SAPPO is represented on the National Animal Health Forum (NAHF) by Dr Peter Evans of SAPPO. The Forum is active and constantly liase with DAFF on all animal health concerns. Read more about the Forum and its activities and access its disease report of March 2019.

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Kgadi and her team doing good work on behalf of producers

Kgadi Senyatsi, who heads SAPPO’s Business Development division, and her team have finished their ASF surveillance in North West. Dr Peter Evans, who heads consumer assurance at SAPPO, is analysing the data and the results will be made known soon. Meanwhile, the team has also been deployed to the Delmas area to do surveillance there. A big thank you for your hard work.



In the latest issue of Porcus


• SAPPO chairman, Johann van der Walt, airs his views
• The latest SAPPO news
• What is happening on the consumer education front?
• Well-trained farmers could enhance your business
• Focus on classification
• Kampvegter vir vleis vereer
• Martin swem ver vir liefdadigheid

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Here are our latest magazine advertorials

View SAPPO’s latest magazine pork advertorial in Fresh LivingKook en Kuier and Taste Magazine.




Supermarket campaigns will start soon

The first three campaigns with national retailers will start soon. It will be supported by in-store promotions.

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SAPPO AGM: Book and register now

The acquisition of new insights through data will be in the spotlight at SAPPO’s AGM and Conference that will take place on 4 & 5 September 2019 I Misty Hills Country Hotel, Muldersdrift, Gauteng.

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Agri SA survey confirms structural shift in research spend

researchxxx.152754    Agri SA today released its 2019 survey which shows the agriculture sector has undergone a discernible structural shift in research spend. The survey indicates that the spend is moved away from the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and towards a variety of private institutions.

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Results of Biomin’s latest mycotoxin survey

ScreenShot2019-04-24at3.48.00PM.155010    Biomin’s mycotoxin survey report for 2018 reveals impacts of the main mycotoxins in 2019. In the last years, fumonisins were the most prevalent mycotoxins globally. Also in 2018, they claim their position and are highly abundant at high concentrations in raw commodities.

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Spain unveils new pork welfare scheme

Spanish pork board Interporc has unveiled a new certified animal welfare seal, IAWS, to endorse good practices within the industry.

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SAPPO News is the monthly electronic newsletter of the SA Pork Producers’ Organisation.

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Welcome to Amie’s April/May Newsletter

From the desk of Paul

February and March were not easy months.  We faced challenges from ITAC/SAPA duty applications and proposed new veterinary tariffs,  but we managed!  With the help of our legal team Amish Kika, a letter was received from the Office of the State Attorney confirming that they do not intend opposing Amie’s Application, on condition each party pay their own costs.

This is an important success for Amie members, and it means that the tariffs on imported meat will not be charged any longer until the Department undertakes a full process.  Well done Amish!

… read more

ITAC Application Update

The ITAC/SAPA duty application remains a critical fight for the industry. We have been diligently viewing the SAPA public file and are now in the last leg of the process. The application is for 82% on bone-in and boneless chicken from non-EU sources. We have filed a response, part of which applied pressure on SAPA to provide 2018 numbers.

… read more

VPN 56/2019-01

Microbiology Special Insert – Santie van Niekerk


On 23 January 2019, the National Executive Officer (NEO) has, in terms of regulations issued under section 22 of the Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act No. 40 of 2000), approved the requirements for registration of testing laboratories responsible for the analysis of samples for monitoring and verification of hygiene of meat and products of animal origin.

All laboratories responsible for the testing of samples from animals, meat and meat products for zoonotic pathogens, hygiene indicator organisms, chemical residues, contaminants, water, environmental samples, antimicrobial resistance, species identification and testing samples for specific diseases must be registered or designated by the NEO.

… read more

Brexit and Implications for the South African Economy and Trade

During April the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) hosted an interactive stakeholder session on BREXIT and the implication for the South African economy and trade. A detailed brief of the proceedings and outcomes of the session will be shared in due course, but in the meantime, they shared this very comprehensive overview of possible scenario’s:

… read more

Disease Outbreak Updates

On 7 January 2019 an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) was confirmed in the Vhembe district of Limpopo Province. On 1 April DAFF released an updated report on the outbreak.

… read more

An outbreak was reported on 10 April 2019 to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) on a farm in North West Province in the Zeerust area and has since been placed under quarantine by provincial veterinary services who are doing follow-up investigations and applying disease control.

… read more

Meatless Future Trends

Nestlé SA has announced their plans to launch a soy-based meatless burger in Europe and the US this year.

As consumers reduce their meat intake, food companies are racing to find alternatives.

… read more

FTI Consult Feedback

SAPA’s application for an increase in the customs Duty on Bone in Chicken and Boneless cuts, Amie commissioned FTI Consulting to comment on select aspects of SAPA’s application, to provide a view on whether further protection of South Africa’s broiler industry is justified.

SAPA argues that a large increase in low priced import volumes of boneless cuts and bone-in portions is the primary reason for a substantial decrease in the market shares and the profitability of SACU producers. It attempts to illustrate that the landed cost of
dutiable imports undercut the participating producers SACU sales ex-factory price by a greater margin than their net profit margin during the period under consideration.

… read more

USA EEPC Applications

“Trading Partner” & “Elite Trading Partner” Membership Opportunities

… read more

On the Radar

Keeping an eye out for the following burning issues:

  • Update on SAPA/ITEC Duty Campaign
  • Launch of the Ring-Test Study Assessment
  • Sunset Reviews
  • AMIE will be launching an exciting report which will be of interest to all members in May/June 2019.

For more information contact Amie

Southdowns Ridge Office Park, Nellmapius Drive, Irene, Centurion
+27 (0) 12 003 3362

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