Agri-Trust Digest

Issue no: 9

1. The contribution of the industry trusts to transformation: The progress thus far
2. The activities of the NAMC’s Agricultural Industry Trusts Division
3. The governance of the trusts


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Last word from David Wolpert

This is my final AMIE newsletter before retirement. I will say my goodbyes to members at our AGM and
then directly, to each member, before I leave.

I have had great pleasure updating members on important industry issues over the last 10 years, and I think that you will be very pleased with the new look that Paul is introducing.

I would again like to update you on the numerous live issues that we as an industry are dealing with. Many have been dragging on for quite some time now, and hopefully, we can reach conclusions as soon as possible, especially those that cause great inconvenience and cost to our members.



This led to an open workshop discussion between members and non-members early in October. There was terrific input for the strategy and we may indeed see the early stages of the plan been rolled out at our upcoming AGM – 22nd November 2018, our newly adapted five-year strategy is placing AMIE the right direction.

However, I don’t want to put the game plan into action before having a good understanding of the playing field, the full rollout of the strategy will commence in January 2019.

On another note, we are proud to announce that we have moved into new offices (See on page 9)! Please join me for a cup of coffee when you are in the area.

MORE – Read the November Newsletter here:

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Welcome to AMIE’s August Newsletter


One year at the helm and what a year; especially the last six months. However, in saying that, I am optimistic, and the Association is strong as ever. Amie has been dealing with several challenges, such as the SAPA/ITAC proposed tariff increase on Bone-In and Boneless chicken; several issues with DAFF on problems in the KZN ports, Veterinary tariffs, microbiological criteria for raw meat and the draft VPN 52/2018 Standard Operating Procedures on labelling and recently Export certification.

A key objective that I wanted Amie to achieve by the third quarter of my first year at the helm was to commission an independent review of the South African Broiler Industry. The aim behind commissioning the study is an attempt to:

  • Have a well informed, objective and open debate about issues impacting the South African poultry industry and move away from the fabrications that have been peddled by the likes of paid lobby groups such as Fair Play.
  • Assist regulatory authorities with the latest and relevant information as they consider their decision on the tariff application by SAPA.
  • Make a call to Minister Patel to open himself up to engaging the industry over an objective study and to start recognising that we are business citizens who contribute towards food security and the socio-economic wellbeing of the country.
  • Position AMIE as an important player in the formulation of the national poultry strategy. The DTI continues to exclude the importers and exporters section of the industry from government-led forums on the local poultry industry.
  • Assist the Minister and Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development with an objective view of the dynamics impacting on the local poultry industry and trade.

Finally, raise widespread awareness amongst the population and other stakeholders about an issue that is likely to have a devastating impact on the affordability of chicken and potential job losses as a result of the imminent tariffs.
In this issue, you will find updates on the SAPA/ITAC campaign, disease updates, Port issues and many more relevant articles to keep AMIE members up to speed on the latest news and how it impacts the industry.
Once again, I need to thank all our members who have been supporting Amie’s “War Chest”.

The fight continues!

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The confirmation by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries case of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) has been identified in the Molemole district of Limpopo is of great concern.  It not only has a negative impact on the red meat industry, but on the agricultural sector as a whole.

After the outbreak in January 2019, hard word has been done to recover South Africa’s status as an FMD free zone. The latest development is a setback. It is imperative that the extent of the problem be determined on an urgent basis.

The issue of accountability must also seriously be considered. FMD is a controlled disease and its control is therefore the primary responsibility of the provincial and national Departments of Agriculture. The industries are by means of the national and provincial Animal Health Forums involved and play a supportive role in the control of the disease.

Although there is full understanding for the fact that the authorities are currently experiencing a drawback in terms of capacity, it is most probably time to prioritise and to focus on the critical aspects of control measures of diseases like FMD, which has trade implications.

The outbreak once again underlines the urgent need for the establishment of a traceability system in the livestock industry. More focus must also be placed on the establishment of compartments in terms of animal diseases in order to prevent the suspension of international trade when a FMD outbreak occurs in only an isolated area.

The RPO will, like in the past, render its support by means of the provincial and national Animal Health Forums in the efforts to find solutions to the problem.

It is now of critical importance to strengthen security measures on the farm, while the movement of livestock in the area must be minimised.  Any suspected case of the disease in animals must be reported immediately to the local state veterinarian.

The red meat industry is internationally very competitive. The RPO will strive towards the improvement of the country’s export status as exports will be to the benefit of all role players in the red meat value chain.

The RPO undertakes to provide its full cooperation to address the problem in conjunction with the relevant authorities and in cooperation with the national and provincial Animal Health Forums. It is now clear that the issue has to be handled with much more urgency.

The disease does not affect human beings and it is safe to consume products of cloven-hoofed animals, such as meat and milk.


Koos van der Ryst – Chairman National RPO | Cell:  0833037926

Gerhard Schutte – CEO National RPO  | Cell:  0825567296

PDF Press Release English

PDF Persverklaring  Afrikaans

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logo DAFF

Media Release

Immediate release

6 November 2019

On 1 November 2019, veterinary services were alerted to clinical signs suspicious for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in a herd of cattle on a farm in the Molemole district of Limpopo Province.  This farm is located in the previous FMD free zone of South Africa.  Samples were collected and FMD was confirmed on 1 November 2019 by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Transboundary Animal Disease Programme.

Further identification of the strain is in the process to determine the likely origin of the virus. The affected farm was placed under quarantine.  Clinical examination of animals on the farm is being conducted to determine the prevalence of the disease on the affected farm.  Measures were implemented to prevent direct or indirect contact between the different groups of animals on the farm.   Backward and forward tracing is in the process to determine the possible origin of the virus, as well as locations to which the disease might have spread.

FMD is a highly contagious viral disease which affects cattle, pigs (domestic and wild), sheep, goats, and other cloven-hoofed animals. Signs of disease in animals may include depressed animals, sores in the mouth of animals causing reluctance to eat, and lameness. The disease does not affect human beings and it is safe to consume products of cloven-hoofed animals, such as meat and milk.

Farmers in the whole country are cautioned to observe bio-security measures – not to allow any new animals into their herds, and to minimize the movement of their own herds to other farms.  Any suspected case of the disease in animals must be reported to the local State Veterinarian immediately.


For more information contact:

Reggie Ngcobo – Media Liaison Officer

Mobile: 082 883 2458


The technical spokesperson on FMD is Dr Botlhe Modisane

Mobile: 063 693 0330


PDF Letter

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October 2019

Exports to the East possible but complicated negotiations involved

Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO, visited Vietnam and Indonesia the past weeks to explore export opportunities. Yes, there are export possibilities for us, but it is a complicated process and bilateral trade agreements and negotiations play a huge role. Read more

Webinar on ASF shows SA is on the forefront of knowledge about the disease

Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO participated in an international ASF webinar this week. Experts from around the world logged in and shared knowledge about the disease. “It was clear that South Africa knows a lot about ASF. We have been there and first handedly experienced all aspects of the disease. It is also clear that our bio-security measures are world class,” he says.

Read our new column

Well-known economist, Prof Johan Willmse will in future write a column on the economy in every SAPPO News. His first column deals with the pork profit drivers in the new year There are a few important aspects that will be critical for a positive business environment in 2020. 

Read more

Strategic think tank session and digital update for SAPPO

Johann Kotzé and Marieta Human spent Thursday at, the digital division of Media24, to be updated about the latest trends in digital communication. They also received information on how consumers in a certain category can be accurately targeted through the latest technology and insights gained from their previous behaviour about a specific brand.
Read more and view photograph

DAFF graduates making a difference at Baynesfield Training Academy

The Baynesfield Training Academy (BTA) was opened in June 2012 with the purpose of transferring industry knowledge to among others aspiring pig farmers, existing smallholder farmers and government officials. Kgadi Senyatsi of SAPPO tells more.

CS Vet's Pic of the Month

Congratulations to Joline van Zyl of Nova Feeds who is the winner of this month’s CS Vet Pic of the Month. A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to

Sarie is seventy, and soaring

The dyed-in-the-wool South African media title Sarie is celebrating its 70th birthday this year, and the number of consumers engaging with this high-quality source of information is still growing. Marieta Human of SAPPO attended a recent Sarie information session. Read more

CS Vet introduces new biosecurity grading system

CS Vet has introduced a new biosecurity grading system to assist producers to maintain high bio-security measures, said Dr Annie Labuscagne at this year’s CS Vet Farmers day. Farms will be given a star ranking according to how comprehensive their bio-security system is and how well it works. Read more

This software could make a difference

Despite the adversity that the South African pork industry has encountered in the last few years, our farmers have become more resilient and have managed to grow their businesses. Dr Caraleigh Stander discussed PigVision at CS Vet’s information day.
Read more

How to preserve antibiotics

Dr Andrew Tucker discussed antibiotics at the CS Vet information day. He said that antibiotics have been used without humans knowing it since ancient times whether in the form of mouldy bread, plants, milk soured with frog bile or warm soil, all of which contained bacteria or moulds with antibacterial properties. 
Read more

ASF: Don’t take any risk, think before you say yes

ASF, which is a serious issue in many countries at the moment, is caused by a virus. There is no vaccine and no treatment. Pigs that become infected die. Dr Peter Evans discussed ASF at CS Vet’s information day.

Read more

In your latest Porcus

* Malu turns 50 * Your photographs taken at SAPPO’s AGM, our function for input suppliers and CS Vet’s information day. * Sow nutrition and its increasing importance during the transition period *  Studying back fat quality while verifying the South African pork classification system
. Read online version.

Derick wins Sanlam Gold

Derick van der Walt, editor of Porcus and SAPPO’s digital publications, won Sanlam Gold last night in Johannesburg for his new book Toring van Jasmyn. The book is a thriller that plays off in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 89 entries in three categories. This is Derick’s fourth Sanlam award.

Proud new home for Chemuniqué

Chemuniqué opened its new offices in Lanceria this week.
Read more

AFMA Symposium discusses many topical issues

Mycotoxins, feed additives and feed additive science were in the spotlight.
Read more

When fungi are no fun

Dr Caraliegh Stander of CS Vet says mycotoxins may be regarded as an undetectable enemy. It is often not visible to the naked eye and difficult to diagnose. Sampling errors creep in as the fungus may grow in pockets in the silo or storage bin making it easy to not sample the affected feedRead more

Hog Day makes us proud

Marguerite Schwarzer of PIC says that last week’s Hog Day in the Western Cape was again a highlight on the pig industry’s annual calendar. “PIC wants to congratulate all the presenters, local and international, the sponsors, the farmers, the staff and all participants that contributed to making this event a roaring success. We are blessed to have such valuable input from all around the globe,” she says.

MTBPS 2019: Agriculture left high and dry

Agri SA is disappointed with the Medium-term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) that was delivered by the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni in Parliament on Wednesday, the organisation said in a media statement.
Read more

Agbiz reacts to MTBPS 2019

The key question now is how the rating agencies will receive this budget and the implications thereafter on the review of South Africa’s sovereign rating.
Read more

Mboweni's medium-term budget in a nutshell

When Finance Minister Tito Mboweni presented his maiden budget in February, he brought a hardy aloe plant to Parliament and placed it on his lectern. The plant indicated that SA needed to ready itself for hard years ahead.
Read more

‘I Love US Pork’ campaign launched in Mexico

The US Meat Export Federation launched a promotional campaign “I Love US Pork,” in Mexico.
Read more

Philippines authorities seize smuggled pork from China

Customs officers in the Philippines have seized pork smuggled into the country from China.
Read more

Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

• Visit to Vietnam to explore export possibilities
• Amid the grim news, agriculture bears fruit
• Studying back fat quality while verifying the South African pork classification system
• WoP overview

Opens: South Africa (412), USA (19), Namibia (9), the Netherlands (5), Finland, France and the UK (4), Austria, Switzerland and Germany (2), Australia and Belguim (1)

New on SAPPO's infohub

• Rain renews hope of normal agriculture season
• SA farmers optimistic about the 2019/20 production season
• How 3D printing, vertical farming, and materials science are overhauling food
• Acidifiers: A piece of the AMR puzzle
• The green economy as a sustainable development path
• US pork exports climb in August
• Will heavier pigs in China create opportunities for U.S. farmers?
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September 2019

Johann in Ghana this week

Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO, is in Ghana this week as part of a delegation of the Cape Town & Western Cape Tourism, Trade & Investment (Wesgro). Ghana is considered as a potential market for South African products.
Read more

What did SAPPO do the past year?

SAPPO produced videos on its activities the past year. These were screened at the organisation’s AGM. The videos deal with consumer assurance, consumer education, research and development and business intelligence.
Watch videos

SAPPO in the news

Interview with SAPPO’s vice chairman, Stephen Butt (Farmer’s Weekly 13 September 2019, p 32)
Onderhoud met SAPPO se hoofuitvoerende beampte, Johann Kotzé (Landbouweekblad 27 September 2019 p 20)

Photo left: Stephen Butt

CS Vet's Pic of the Month

Congratulations to PIC who is the winner of last month’s CS Vet’s Pic of the Month. The photographer was Eben Wepener. A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to

We remember ...

.. Walter Thiele, a previous national council member of SAPPO, Thys Lourens, a stalwart of the industry, and Freddy Hirsh, founder of the Freddy Hirsh Group, who was a close friend of the pork industry. SAPPO’s condolences to their families and friends on their passing.

Bake your belly twice

SAPPO’s popular pork master clases are winning many new friends for pork. The master classes are taking place in Gauteng and the Western Cape. This time around students learned how to properly cook pork belly.
Watch what happens at the masterclases.

Information day at Baynesfield

SAPPO will host an information day at Baynesfield on 24 October 2019. Breeding for profit will be the theme. Topics include: The important breeding traits and their economic importance, natural mating and artificial insemination and gilt and sow management.
Read more

Pork shines at Alfa

SAPPO had a stall at the Alfa livestock exhibition last week. Alfa took place in Parys in the Free State. The exhibition strives to present a platform for the exchange of technology for livestock farmers and to provide a trading platform for buyers and suppliers.
See photographs

Carcass competition

Alfa hosted a national pork carcass competition for the first time this year.
Read more

Ook by Alfa raakgeloop ...

Andrew Reeders, Lihandi van Niekerk en Hezekiel Mpedi van Topigs Norsvin geniet verversings by Alfa.

Save the date

Topigs Norsvin’s 2020 Pork Event will take place on 11 March at the Maslow Hotel, Times Square, Pretoria. On the menu will be, among others: A good start with good genetics, weighing local performance, and the value of biosecurity and high health herds.
Read more

Land reform: Melmoth case good news

Agri SA is elated about the outcome of the Melmoth case in favour of the landowners this week. The outcome brings some comfort to concerned landowners regarding the manner in which experts will deal with the concept of just and equitable compensation. The controversial land claims lodged by five groups of claimants against various farms in the Melmoth area in Kwazulu-Natal has taken a drastic turn.
Read more

Registrations now open for Agbiz’ 2020 congress

Held every second year, the Agbiz Congress 2020 is one of the major events on the food, feed, fibre and wine sectors’ agenda in South Africa. Agbiz expects more than 400 delegates will attend the 2020 congress, which will feature presentations and discussion panels from local and international speakers, as well as a student case competition and various networking opportunities.
Read more

EU-wide initiative created to restore balance in meat debate

A new initiative has been set up to combat miscommunication about the meat industry.
Read more

Infrared camera to identify pig feeding patterns

Researchers in Brazil are working on methods involving thermography using infrared technology to identify pig feeding behaviour.
Read more

Restaurant animal welfare marketing is ineffective

Despite growing pressure on American restaurants from animal activists, linking animal welfare to marketing programmes has thus far been ineffective for restaurants. A new study by the University of Missouri suggests that while the restaurant industry is often criticised for not doing more to push animal welfare reforms, but even when they do their marketing efforts miss the mark.
Read more

Pork Checkoff payments now online

The National Pork Board (NPB) of the USA has announced plans to migrate Pork Checkoff remittances to its online platform. The online Checkoff remittance system is designed to significantly reduce the processing time, paper and other expenses for the Pork Board, while also providing pork producers flexibility with payment options, improve operational efficiencies and create cost savings.
Read more

Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

• South Africa wastes 10m tonnes of food annually
• SPACE 2019: Attention to environment and welfare
• Burger King rebrands as Bacon King (but drops ‘ham’ from the word ‘hamburger’)
• Food safety auditing: An industry in transition
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August Newsletter – 2019

Dear Members,

Since joining SAMPA in Feb 2019 I have been busy learning the ropes and getting to know the members, regulators and all our partners in the industry. Since joining there have been numerous meetings of the SAMPA technical working group, SAMPA Executive Committee as well as engagements with the various regulators ( DAFF, DTI, DOH, NRCS) and allied organization’s such as the CGCSA, SAPPO, AMIESA and the RMIF.

Many members have expressed a desire to be more informed of the activities of SAMPA so through a monthly newsletters I will endeavor to do just that. Welcome to newsletter # 1.

Stellenbosch University Centre for Food Safety

In February, SAMPA donated R 1 000 000 to Stellenbosch University Centre for Food Safety, to support the excellent research work they perform in the advancement of food R & D to the benefit of all South Africans.

Led by Professor Pieter Gouws new research in pathogen management and improved food safety technologies are being developed which over time will improve our knowledge and management of food safety.

SAMPA Food Safety Workshops

At the SAMPA AGM held in March, members asked for food safety workshops that were short in duration and aimed at business owners and senior management. ½ day high level workshops were run in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in June.

The workshops focused on food safety, pathogen risk vs hazard, legal obligations, and the regulatory framework as well as how to protect your business against financial risk especially in the event of a recall.

Presenters were Prof Pieter Gouws (Stellenbosch University), Prof Lucia Anelich (Anelich Consulting), Janusz Luterek (Hahn & Hahn Attorneys) and Chris Thompson (AIG Risk Insurance).  Linda Jackson was MC and the Food Focus team organized the logistics for these workshops.

In total we had 85 delegates attend the 3 days.

HACCP – R 908

This regulation came into law on the 14th June 2018 following the Listeria crisis of March 2018.  R 908 required all producers of RTE processed meat to become HACCP certified to a SANAS standard. SAMPA engaged with the Department of Health and following these negotiations, the DoH agreed to allow industry 9 months to implement and comply with the R 908 regulation.

That meant that by 14th March 2019 all producers of RTE Processed meat were required to be HACCP certified by a SANAS accredited certifying body

No time extension has been granted for this regulation to be fully implemented by the DoH.

R 638 – Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises, the Transport of Food and Related Matters

This was not a new regulation but there was one clauses that became mandatory from June 2019 – Clause 10.1 (a)

10.1(a) – The person in charge of food premises must ensure – he or she is suitably qualified or adequately trained in the principles of food safety and hygiene…… and the training is accredited.

The person in charge is the person whose name is on your Certificate of Acceptability for a Food Premises (COA), issued to you by the local Environmental Health Inspector (EHP).

Does your person in charge meet this requirement?

Regulation regarding the Classification, Packing and Marking of Cooked Processed Meat Products intended for Sale in the RSA

Originally part of SANS 885 this has been removed from the SANS 885 standard and in future will form a new regulation under the Animal Products Standards Act, regulated by DAFF. The SAMPA Technical Working Group has spent many hours reviewing these specifications which are in their final revision, they are expected to be signed by the Minister later this year for implementation in 2020.

This regulation will cover Bacon, Hams, Salami, Vienna’s, Pates, Spreads, Polony, Russians, and Smokies etc.

Regulation regarding the Classification, Packing and Marking of Raw Processed Meat Products intended for sale in the RSA

These have been removed from the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act that falls under Minister of Health, as the Regulation has nothing to do with food safety, but rather with quality which falls under the APS Act falling under DAFF.

This regulation is in the 3rd draft stage with final comments due on 9th September. SAMPA’s TWG will submit final comment this week.

These regulations will cover – Mince, Ground Beef, Sausages, Burgers, Grillers, Boerewors etc.

This regulation will likely be finalized in late 2019, and signed into law in 2020.


This was signed by Minister Patel of the DTI on 8th August 2019 and is causing a great deal of concern to SAMPA members.

I sent the VC to members together with SANS 885 edition 4 after it was signed into law on Monday 12th August. If you have not received it please drop me a mail and I will send a copy.

SAMPA members have had time to examine what is required and how it will impact your business. Undoubtedly the biggest concern is the cost impact and potentially loss in sales.

It is important to realize that SANS 885 was asked for by SAMPA members as far back as 2002 and SAMPA was integrally involved in the drafting of the standard.  It has taken a long time to get to this point, but the regulators have pushed hard since March 2018 to implement the SANS 885 standard.

What are the most important impacts of the VC?

  • SANS 885 moves from a voluntary standard to a compulsory standard
  • It appoints the NRCS as the inspection body for the VC
  • It allows the NRCS to charge for enforcement/inspection of the VC
  • It gives the NRCS powers to inspect the implementation of HACCP – R 908
  • Compositional testing is excluded from the VC as this will fall under DAFF
  • Microbiological testing remains part of SANS 885 and will be tested as part of the VC
  • Payment of levies in compulsory as outlined in the VC

What are the next steps?

  • NRCS must engage SAMPA/ Industry on implementation and enforcement
  • NRCS must engage SAMPA/Industry on a fee structure for inspection
  • SAMPA need to ensure that NRCS inspect ALL producers of processed meat not just a select few

What will the NRCS inspector ask for?

  • A valid COA
  • A HACCP compliance certificate issued by a SANAS accredited certifying body – R 908
  • Microbiological lab records of products falling under the VC to show evidence that your products meet the statutory minimum requirements as defined in SANS 885
  • Evidence (Food Safety Audit or Physical inspection or both) that facilities meet the SANS 885 standard
  • That R 638 -10.1 (a) has been met

There are still many unanswered questions and we have asked that the NRCS schedule meeting as soon as possible to engage the industry. As SAMPA engages with the NRCS and obtains a clearer understanding of the way forward we will communicate with our members.

Implementation of compositional regulation via DAFF’s assignee -AFSQ

In a recent meeting with the Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, he made it clear that Compositional testing and enforcement will be done by the DAFF assignee – AFSQ (Agency for Food Safety & Quality (Pty) Ltd).  They have been appointed an assignee under the Agricultural Products Standards Act 1990 (APS).

SAMPA will engage further with AFSQ and DAFF on 11th September to discuss how best to implement their mandate at lowest cost to SAMPA members.

I will provide feedback after this meeting.

Perten testing of Total Meat Equivalent (TME)

In 2017 SAMPA purchased a Perten 7250 electronic testing device, enabling quick, cost-effective testing for TME. Previously testing was done in accredited laboratories at great cost. The Perten TME testing is funded by the voluntary levies paid by members and 30 – 50 products are tested each month. Samples are drawn from retail stores all over South Africa based on a monthly sampling schedule.

In June 2019, SAMPA partnered with Food Consulting Services (FCS) a Food Micro and Chemical Lab in Halfway House to provide a professional service by collecting and testing the samples as well as providing detailed reports to SAMPA.

Products are bought, stored in cooler boxes with ice and couriered to the FCS facilities from all over South Africa by the FCS field teams.

Results are kept confidential and only product samples that show results <60% TME, will result in me contacting the producer to rectify the non-compliance. FCS will immediately do a lab test to validate non-compliant products. FCS will retest a new sample a week later, a 2nd failure will be referred to the regulator for their attention. Results are not shared and are at all times kept confidential.

I am happy to say that we have had no product this year below the 60% minimum TME.

Who is on the SAMPA executive and Technical Working Group?

 SAMPA Executive

Andrew Cocks (Chairman)               Tiger Brands

Arnold Prinsloo (Vice Chairman)    Eskort

Brent Fairlie                                         Lynca

Alistair Hayward                                 Feinschmecker

Alida Rossouw                                    Crown National

Melindi Wyma                                    Eskort

Bruce Smit                                           Federated Meat

Thorsten Sache                                  Q Meats

Wesley de Jager                                Freddy Hirsch

SAMPA Technical Working Group

Alida Rossouw          Crown National

Melindi Wyma          Eskort

Najib Salim                RCL

Rosalind Govender   RCL

Wesley de Jager       Freddy Hirsch

Pieter du Toit            Deli Spice

Cherisa Roodt           Massfresh

Renusha Chanda       Tiger Brands

Melanie Britow         Anchor Foods

Henry Hawthorn      Deli Spices

Jennifer Rickets        Deli Spice

Adrian Johnson         Deli Spice

The following is a list of SAMPA members as at end August 2019 

Full Members Associate Members
Al-Amien Foods BT Enterprises
Bluff Meat Supply Bidfood Technologies t/a Crown National
Brito’s Meat Deli Spices (Pty) Ltd
Classic Processed Products (Pty) Ltd University of the Free State
Enterprise Foods University of Pretoria
Eskort Limited Freddy Hirsch Group (Pty) Ltd
Farm2U Merlog Foods (Pty) Ltd
Frey’s Quality Meats Meat Board of Namibia
Meatrite SA (Pty) Ltd RSF Trading
New Style Pork t/a Lynca Meats SAPPO – South African Pork Producers Organization
Q Meats MANE South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Rica Cold Meats (Pty) Ltd Federated Meats
Thaba’nchu t/a Sky Country Meats Pretoria Primal Traders
Watsons Meats Advanced Food Solutions
Rainbow Farms (Pty) Ltd PHT Trading International Pty Ltd
Feinschmecker (Pty) Ltd MLS – National Laboratory Services
Super Meat Products Certification Partners Global
Pendale Foods  Stellenbosch University – Centre for Food Safety
O’Kin (Pty) Ltd  Central University of Technology – OFS
Van Wyngaard
FF Meat
Tip Top Meat Products
Spath’s Cold Meats cc
Moja Cold Meats cc
Theronda cc t/a Therons Meat Products
Superfecta Foods
Freezeland Foods cc
Woody’s Consumer Brands (Pty) Ltd
Tirolean Meats Pty Ltd
Anchor Foods (Pty) Ltd
Nesta Foods cc
Milpro Meats ( Pty) Ltd
Meat World Factory cc
Barbeque Rib Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd


If you are not yet a member of SAMPA and wish to join, please send a mail to and I will send you forms to complete.

Full Members (Producers) – R 5 400.00 pa per 200 employees

Associate Members (Service Industry) – R 2 160.00 pa

The more members, the more we can truly say we represent the industry.

Website News

SAMPA is busy upgrading and improving the website in order to enable easier and safer use by members.  I hope to have it up and running by end September.


Warm Regards

Peter Gordon


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August 2019

Johan Kotze

SAPPO conference: Focus on data attracts wide interest

Data in the agricultural sector is becoming a huge asset to all role-players and it is clear from the interest from the many guests that will attend SAPPO’s conference that people realise the value of data and the importance of how to properly manage this. Read more

Here is SAPPO's latest ASF update

SAPPO’s business intelligence division has updated the organisation’s ASF report this week. The new report covers the period 10 April to 30 August 2019.
View report.

Topical matters discussed at Safe Pork Conference in Berlin

The 13th Safe Pork Conference with the theme, One Health: Tear down interdisciplinary walls, was held in Berlin, Germany from 26 – 29 August 2019. The conference was attended by Dr Peter Evans and Anné Calitz from SAPPO. Read more

Welcome to the World of Pork

SAPPO will launch The World of Pork (WOP) at its AGM. This is an integrated platform that offers stakeholders in the South African pork value chain a protected environment to share information and to facilitate interactions that create value and drive competitiveness, sustainability and food safety in the pork industry.

Fun with pork at masterclases

Readers had a blast while cooking up a storm at SAPPO’s first pork masterclasses. One took place in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg the past two weeks. Check out the highlights from the day on the magazines True Love and Move‘s digital platforms. The campaigns are supported by messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Fire & Feast 2019 will celebrate meat on the braai

SAPPO will this year again participate in South Africa’s main braai event, Fire & Feast, on 6 – 8 September at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. Lynca and Malu are SAPPO’s partners at the event. We have a limited amount of complementary tickets. If you are interested, please contact Monique Groenewald.

SA Pork on television next week

Food Lovers Market has included pork packs in its monthly special deals promotion.

Watch the TV ad here

My healthy swine herd

Approximately 100 farmers attended SAPPO’s information day at Baynesfield Training Academy last week with the theme “My healthy swine herd”. Biosecurity and ASF were placed in the spotlight by Dr Peter Evans, responsible for consumer assurance at SAPPO.

Getting ready

The SAPPO office was buzzing with energy this week as staff assembled the AGM bags that will be handed to delegates. These were made form recycled SAPPO table cloths that were used for consumer educational purposes in the past.

In your latest Porcus

• Future of Zinc Oxide in piglet diets: What are the alternatives?
• Calcium-to-phosphorus ratio established for 11 to 22 kg pigs
• Lawsonia can impact other gut pathogens
• Biosecurity in four steps and ASF precaution tips
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Latest crop estimate good news for livestock farmers

The latest production estimate showed a further upward adjustment to the crop estimates with maize now just above 11 million tons. This, together with considerable carryover stock (2.7 million tons), ensure sufficient supplies for the 2018/19 marketing season. Read more

50 Years for Northern Cape's Malu

Malu celebrated its 50th birthday in Kimberley last week with clients, suppliers, other stakeholders and friends from all over the country who joined the celebrations. Detail and photographs in the September/October issue of Porcus. On the photograph is the Malherbe family. Front: Helena, Marius, Raedun and Charles Malherbe snr. Back: Charles Malherbe jnr, Alwina van Zyl and Jeandre van Zyl.

Excitement is building for new offices

Chemuniqué is pleased to announce that the official opening of its new premises at 30 Eagle Lane in Lanseria Corporate Estate will take place as planned during October this year. According to the contractor’s report by Bantry Construction Services, everything is on track for the big move. “The excitement is certainly building as foundation’s are laid,” says general manager, Jerry Rowles. Read more

Economic debate welcomed, but implementation remains the Achilles heel

Agri SA welcomes the latest National Treasury document in principle as it addresses several policy challenges and structural issues, giving specific solutions that are otherwise absent in many policy proposals. Read more

Mboweni's new plan to boost growth and create a million jobs

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni has called for a series of “deliberate and concerted actions” to raise SA’s moribund GDP growth rate by up to 3% per year in a new 77-page economic policy paper. Read more

Being cyberbullied by animal rights activists a real concern

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Pig welfare symposium: Rounding up the pig people

Often swine events tend to be specialised, aiming at one specific part of the industry. In that respect, the Pig Welfare Symposium in the US in November in the USA is different.
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Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

• SAPPO’s pork belly video viewed
• SOWING scenario will be focus of SAPPO’s business strategy for the years to come
• Steady growth in SAPPO compartments
• Monthly disease report
• MoU with the department of water and sanitation

Opens: South Africa (318), USA (10), the Netherlands (8), Ireland (7), Germany, UK, Finland (3 each), Spain (2), Australia, Italy and Mozambique (1 each). View Update

New on SAPPO's infohub

• The truth about swine influenza
• Feedback from the Zero Zinc Summit
• SA must brace for more hikes in taxes, electricity tariffs
• Can the small pig farmer thrive in the future?
• Irish food authorities develop DNA scanning tool
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Issue No 9

In this issue we cover the following topics:

  1. The work of the NAMC’s Transformation Review Committee in collaboration with agricultural industries on the 20 % levy expenditure meant for transformation: The progress thus far.
  2. Transformation within the pork industry.
  3. Transformation within the South African raisin industry
  4. New years of farming can add synergy to the accumulated years of farming: Mr and Mrs Mokhoro farm with their son

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