April 2020

Don't underestimate your ability to face the brutal facts and make a plan

It seems that the fight against Covid-19 is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. We will have to adjust to the situation and face the facts. I have learned many lessons from the Listeriosis saga two years ago. One is that we are blessed to have farmers with extensive wisdom and the ability to make plans. We will also get through this. 

Watch Johann Kotzé, SAPPO CEO’s message of inspiration.

Organised agriculture still in regular contact with authorities

Organised agriculture still meets regularly to discuss relevant and practical issues with the department of agriculture, land reform and rural development’s director general about Covid-19. SAPPO’s Johann Kotzé is a member of the committee.

Proff Johan Willemse

What do we know about the future status of our economy?

The economy will shrink by 6 -10% during 2020 and household income and spending will also shrink significantly, resulting in a reset in the food market and the choices consumers will make on food spending, also towards pork and other protein products. The sharp drop in prices of pork is an example.
Read Prof Johan Willemse’s latest column on the economy.

Pressure on marketing remains

Although the delivering of pigs from farms to abattoirs are running smoothly, abattoirs don’t always accept a farmers’ full consignment. Marketing remains under pressure, says SAPPO’s Dr Peter Evans.

Agbiz’ e-newsletters contains valuable information

Agbiz’ e-newsletters contains valuable information about various matters such as Covid-19 and agribusiness. In the latest issue you can read more about what will be allowed under lockdown level 4, the Covid-19 economists group offers valuable resources and the new level 4 lockdown regulations for employers. 

Read latest issue

Here is Agri SA’s updated permit to perform essential services

Agri SA’s updated permit to perform essential services is attached. Please note that the person to whom the permit is issued must at all times present a form of identification together with this permit. If no identification is presented, the person to whom the permit is issued will have to return to his or her place or residence during Alert Level 4.

New trade report well accepted

The World of Pork (WoP)’s new trade report (incorporating import and export figures) were well received by producers and other interested parties, says Isabel Bröcker who heads SAPPO’s Business Intelligence division. Click here for the latest report.

Senwes presented an agri value chain discussion on the meat industry

Johann Kotzé, SAPPO’s CEO, participated in a virtual discussion about the meat industry this week. The panel also included Marthinus Stander, CEO, Country Bird Holdings, Dewald Olivier, CEO, The South African Feedlot Association and Dr Danie Odendaal, founder and director of Veterinarian Network (V-Net). Watch discussion

BDMs remains in contact with small farmers

SAPPO’s business development managers (BDMs) remain in daily contact with their clients to stay in touch with what is happening on the ground. The BDMs made more that 100 calls to small farmers since lockdown. Market uncertainty remains a major challenge for them during lockdown, with some experiencing theft and attempted theft in the name of better prices. Farmers are advised to be cautious of fake marketers trying to take advantage of the current situation, says Kgadi Senyatsi, who heads the division.

CS Vet's Pic of the month

Congratulations to DanBred, which is the winner of last month’s CS Vet’s Pic of the Month. From left are Freddie, Louis, Jurgens Reynders and Werner Kenmuir. (See report below regarding DanBred and Zimbabwe). A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to

SAPPO working from home

The SAPPO staff is working from home during lockdown. We are continuing with all our regular projects and we are constantly designing new plans to do our work in the digital space. The team and the various portfolio committees also regularly meet via Teams. SAPPO is also busy with plans to gradually open the SAPPO office over the next weeks.

Affordable pork on TV next week

SAPPO has partnered with Food Lovers Markets to offer pork at very favourable prices to consumers on television and national radio stations next week. “We welcome Food Lovers’ initiative to lower their pork prices and to offer great value to cash-poor consumers at this stage of the national lockdown,” says SAPPO’s Marieta Human, SAPPO’s marketing manager.

Building on the success of Covid19 consumer education campaigns

Following onto the previous campaigns, which ended last Friday, it was decided to add an interesting extension to SAPPO’S #YesMrPresident campaign on the platforms of You, Drum and Move.  Read more

DanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herd

Zimbabwe recently imported 230 DanBred gilts and boars from South Africa, as part of a US$45 million (about R630 million) EU-funded project to improve the country’s livestock value chain. Read more

Latest Porcus now available on-line

The latest issue of Porcus is available online. Read the latest SAPPO News, BFAP’s market report, lots of news from our input suppliers and what to expect post-Covid-19.
Read more

Harvest outlook impressive and raises hope agriculture sector rebound

Agriculture received some positive news this week. It was the further upward revision to the country’s crops estimates with the South Africa’s Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) pegging the 2019/20 crop 17.52 million tons of grain and oilseed crops, which is up 2.6% from March and 31.3% higher year-on-year (y/y). Paul Makube, Senior Agricultural economist at FNB Agri-Business, explains. Read more

Agbiz announces food relief initiative for needy communities

The most needy in agricultural rural communities will receive food relief under the Agri Value Chain Relief Project, a project initiated and coordinated by the Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) in collaboration with Grain SA. Read more

DanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herdDanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herd

The phased or risk-adjusted approach to lift the current national lockdown is welcome news for the agricultural sector, especially those industries mostly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, says Dawie Maree, head of Information and Marketing at FNB Agriculture.
Read more

Land Bank’s default risks financial contagion and devastation for agriculture

A Land Bank failure could expose the country to a substantial risk with dire consequences for commercial farmers, job creation and food security and should be avoided at all cost. Nicol Jansen of Agri SA discusses the consequences.
Read more

US plant closures prompt worker safety plea

The extent of the impact of the coronavirus on US meat processing facilities has been highlighted by a workers’ union. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, more tan 5 000 meatpacking workers have been directly affected by the virus as well as 1 500 for processing workers. Read more

US meat plants ordered to remain open by Trump

US meat processing plants will have to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic under Executive Order from the american President Donald Trump, reported Aidan Fortune of yesterday.
Read more

New Zealand to review greenhouse gas emission targets

A request by the New Zealand government to review greenhouse gas reduction targets has been welcomed by the country’s red meat sector.
Read more

Canadian farmers starting to destroy pigs after factories close

A wave of shutdowns at some of North America’s largest meat plants is starting to force hog producers to dispose of their animals.
Read more

Canadian pork industry appeals for government support

Canadian pork farmers are being pushed to the brink by the coronavirus pandemic and are in need of government support, the industry trade body has warned.
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Feedback on our previous issues

SAPPO Input Info last week (24 April)

Many clicks on all input supplier read more pages.

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SAPPO Weekly Update (17 April)

Popular reads
• SAPPO will continue with its solid strategy, Johann Kotzé
• Dr Peter Evans discusses consumer assurance
 and the future
• Industry benchmarks outperformed in SA Pork campaign – Marieta Human
• Keeping in touch with changing consumer behaviour – Marieta Human

Views: South Africa (520), USA (14), Germany (10), UK (8), the Netherlands (3), Finland (2), Belgium and Italy (1)

And there were many clicks on PIC’s pork braai challengeSee who recieved the most views.

New on SAPPO's infohub

New articles (among others) on SAPPO’s infohub

• COVID-19: Stats SA speeds up the monitoring of consumer prices

• Tackling inequality and helping the poor a priority in post-pandemic world

• Will Covid-19 structurally change the agricultural labour market?

• Advice on successful weaner pig management

• #Covid19: Global food crises report reveals impact on vulnerable countries

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A slowdown in the economy could affect all animal proteins

Beef: The self-distancing protocols that South Africans are currently observing with the aim to reduce the spread of Covid-19, has changed the way consumers spend their money. Consumers are now shifting their money spend on “at-home” meals rather than eating out, caused by the self-distancing efforts coupled with recessionary pressures. A slower economy is negative for all the animal proteins especially beef and lamb as those are considered luxury products in economic terms. Beef is used more in the restaurants and fast food services, of which a significant decline in demand is expected in the short term. Currently weaner calf and feeder lamb prices are on the decline due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. The demand for weaner calves from the feedlots have been lower this week, because no one really knows if the demand will be there a few months from now.

Read PDF online:

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FMD Molemole Outbreak Follow-up Report 25 March 2020

23 March 2020

Read Full Report online: Click here


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March 2020

Traceability: SAPPO’s strategy may differ from those of others

SAPPO’s take and strategy about traceability does not necessarily agree with those of other role players. You can’t have a successful traceability system if you do not have traceable data, says Johann Kotzé CEO of SAPPO. Watch video.

SAPPO 2020 Expo postponed

SAPPO’s Expo, which was planned for September this year, has been postponed until next year. SAPPO’s Board is investigating ways to continue with this year’s AGM

World-class operation profits from ethically produced pigs

Lloyd Phillips of Farmer’s Weekly did a profile on Butt Farming In KwaZulu-Natal. The Butt family has left large footprints in the South African pig industry. Stephen Butt (photograph) is SAPPO’s vice-chairman. Read article

Here is the latest ASF update

The National Animal Health Forum posted the latest African swine fever update on its website.
Read report

Proff Johan Willemse

Not a time to take risks

The situation is not good and we can expect that consumers will also change their buying patterns during the next few weeks. It was interesting to note that during the panic buying the last week-it was chicken meat that was sold out, followed by pork, while the more expensive meat remained on the shelves.
Read Prof Johan Willemse’s latest column on the economy.

Team SAPPO working from home

The SAPPO staff is ready to continue its tasks and projects from home. We are linked with the system, Teams (which works like Skype), and we will all be in regular contact. Projects such as training and the marketing of pork will be conducted digitally for the time being.

View photograph

COVID-19 regulations amended

Agbiz’ weekly e-newsletter contains valuable information about various agricultural and related issues. Read about the COVID-19 amended regulations and multiple directives issues in today’s edition.
Read more

CS Vet's Pic of the month

Congratulations to Chris Muller of Inhoek Boerdery who is the winner of last month’s CS Vet’s Pic of the Month. A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to

Pork in the kitchen during the next four weeks

The SA Pork Value-for-Money digital campaign is now live. Almost 7 million digital consumers will be able to view the messages on MoveDrumYouHuisgenoot and Kuier over the next four weeks.
Read more and view campaigns

Agriculture, a strategic sector, must now be alert and safe

Agri SA and TLU SA calls on their members to be more alert, and on the police to maintain visibility in rural areas during this time. As agricultural organisations, we realise that the police are currently under enormous pressure, therefore, both organisations undertook to cooperate with the police to ensure that the agricultural sector can continue producing food within a safe environment during this time.
Read more

The do's and don'ts during the national lockdown

Police Minister Bheki Cele has warned any person who contravenes the regulations of the nationwide lockdown from midnight on Thursday will be guilty of a criminal offence and will be liable to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or both.
Read more

When pigs have to move

Government has not indicated a permit system, but as an industry we have proposed to minister Didiza that a self-regulating system be implemented. This will entail a letter of authority, signed by the CEO and with the employee’s name and ID number, says Johann Kotzé SAPPO CEO.
Read more

Agri SA's tips for safe workplaces during COVID-19

Please find attached Agri SA’s tips for safe workplaces during COVID-19 in nine of South Africa’s eleven official languages. These guidelines can be considered for publication in print media as well as social media use. Read more

Governments have not aligned their trade and medical policy responses to coronavirus

Not every nation produces the medical supplies needed to tackle the Coronavirus. Those that do can still face shortages as health care systems come under pressure. Since it is central to sourcing from aboard, trade policy should face additional scrutiny.
Read more

SA has adequate food supplies in the face of COVID-19 national disaster

The fears about the potential disruptions that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) could cause global supply chains have raised questions of whether South Africa could experience food shortages in the near-to-medium term, says Wandile Sihlobo, senior economist of Agbiz.
Read more

NAMPO postsponed

The 2020 NAMPO Harvest Day will be postponed to 11-14 August 2020, given that Government policies and guidelines permit the postponed date. Grain SA will evaluate and review the date by the end of June 2019 if necessitated by governmental regulations.

Coronavirus: Is it a food safety risk?

This free webinar will cover the new coronavirus causing COVID-19, the illness, measures to protect food workers in particular, whether the virus is a food safety risk and measures that industry should take in a food manufacturing environment.
Read more

SPACE will go ahead (for now)

The international SPACE exhibition will go ahead. “We are doing our utmost and we will make every effort to ensure that we can all meet again in September and share the resumption of the exchanges,” the organisers say. 

Read more

SAPPO kuier saam met Plaasmedia

SAPPO glo dat gesonde bande met die media nodig is omdat hulle help om die bedryf se boodskap uit te dra. Ons het laasweek saam met Plaasmedia gekuier. Van links is Karin Changuion-Duffy, Elmarie Helberg (albei van Plaasmedia), Johann Kotzé (SAPPO), Yolandé Roodt, Ursula Human (albei van Plaasmedia) en Monique Groenewald (SAPPO).

Landbousensus-uitslae op ‘n kritieke tyd bekendgestel

Agri SA verwelkom die bekendstelling van die jongste Census of Commercial Agriculture (CoCA). Ons besef dat goeie besluitneming oor die spektrum aangeleenthede wat die landbou raak, gegrond moet wees op akkurate en betroubare inligting. Só sê Agri SA in mediaverklaring oor die aangeleentheid.
Lees meer

Johann gesels met Grootplaas oor varke se gesondheidstatus

Johann Kotzé, SAPPO se uitvoerende hoofbestuurder, het verlede week met Grootplaas gesels oor die Suid-Afrikaanse varkbedryf se hoë gesondheidstatus en die kompartementalisering-stelsel.
Kyk video

How to stay productive working from home

While working from home is definitely going to be challenging
for a lot of people over the coming weeks there are several
things you can do to ensure you work as effectively and
efficiently as possible without losing your mind or wishing you
could lose your children. Read more

Agri tech investment vital for industry output, export growth

According to Dr Thulasizwe Mkhabela, group executive, impact and partnerships at the ARC, South African agriculture needs more investment and the implementation of the latest technology to boost output. Read more

Planning for the world after the coronavirus pandemic

In just a few months, the tightly connected systems of a globalised world have transformed the novel coronavirus from a handful of cases in China to a global pandemic. But we have yet to see an international response that matches the scale of the threat. Read more

Vets, take care of yourself even in the midst of crisis

Veterinarians are wired and trained to care for their patients and clients, even in times of crisis. In the process of caring for others all the time, it’s no wonder they neglect themselves a little in the process, says Emily Byers, DVM, with Prestage Farms in Clinton, N.C.
Read more

NPPC seeks labour solutions to potential impact of COVID-19 on industry

The impact of Novel Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) on the already challenging labor shortage is a concern for the U.S. pork industry. The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) called for expedited solutions addressing the need for more workers. Read more

Progress made on ASF genome mapping

Scientists from The Pirbright Institute in the UK have worked with University College London (UCL) to map the expression of genes across the entire African Swine Fever (ASF) virus genome, writes Aidan Fortune from
Read more

Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

• Coronavirus (COVID-19) containment measures for your farm
• Ina Paarman features pork in her latest newsletter
• SAPPO’s Corona Updates
• Tough times ahead for SA economy

Views:  South Africa (452), Germany (28), USA (15), the Netherlands (10), UK (5), Australia (2), Belgium, Finland, Mozambique and Zambia (1)

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Red Meat Industry Press Release:

Request For The Continuation Of Statutory Measures Relating To Levies, Registration And Records & Returns In The Red Meat Industry In Terms Of The Marketing Of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (Act No 47 Of 1996), As Amended”


It is hereby made known that, in terms of section 10 of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (Act No. 47 of 1996) (MAP Act), the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has received a request from the red meat industry for the continuation of statutory measures relating to levies, registration, the keeping of records and the rendering of returns. The Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF), representative of most of the role-players in the red meat industry, applied for the proposed statutory measures.
The current statutory measures in the red meat industry will expire on 4 November 2020. The RMIF requested ministerial approval for the continuation of these statutory measures for a new period of two years, from 5 November 2020 to lapse on 4 November 2022. In terms of this application, the red meat industry refers to role-players involved in the production and marketing of cattle, goats, sheep and its products, as well as the relevant products purchased for processing.

Read full Press Release online: Click Here

National Agricultural Marketing Council
Private Bag X 935
Enquiries: Dr Ndumiso Mazibuko
E-mail :
Tel No. : (012) 341 1115    : (073) 551 8388
Fax No. : (012) 341 1911

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SAMPA Newsletter – March 2020

Dear SAMPA Members,

The past few weeks have seen the markets tumble amidst the chaos caused by the increasing spread of Covid -19 the Coronavirus.

What exactly is a coronavirus?

“Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV)A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.  Detailed investigations found that SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.”

 World Health Organization

For information on what to do in your workplace please refer to the Department of Health’s website  or the WHO website where you will find updates on best practice to prevent the spread of Corona Virus as well as who to contact if you suspect a case of Covid-19 in your home or workplace.


The Department of Health Hotline number is 0800 029 999 – 8 – 4 pm – Mon – Fri.



The annual general meeting of SAMPA will be held on the 18th March in Pretoria and is open to paid members only. Details from the AGM will be in next month’s newsletter. If you are a member of SAMPA and have not received an invitation to the AGM please contact Peter on 083 2553486 or

VC9100 and the NRCS

In November 2019 SAMPA met with the NRCS and lodged an objection to the levy proposal. In January we again approached the NRCS asking what progress had been made in considering our proposal and also asking for clarity on the inspection and audit process. We were finally granted a meeting with The CEO of the NRCS on 17th February at which we established the following:

  • The NRCS are still in the process of recruiting inspectors
  • The SAMPA levy proposal had not been taken forward to the DTI – SAMPA expressed its deep disappointment at this and asked that the CEO reconsider this decision. We are still awaiting a response.
  • The NRCS has started surveillance meetings with vendors who had registered with them as is required by the VC. However, very few vendors had registered up until End Jan 2020.
  • The NRCS agreed to conduct further industry workshops to engage with producers on the details surrounding the audit process – these dates have yet to be finalized and an audit checklist drawn up.
  • The Minister had not yet proclaimed the levy amount in the Government Gazette and that until this had been done levies could not be charged and would not be retro charged either (as of the time of writing these levies have still not been published)
  • Levies will be due from the date the Minister publishes the levy amount and vendors need to accrue from that date forward.

Regulation 1283 – Cooked Processed Meat – DAFF and AFSQ

  • AFSQ has proactively engaged with stakeholders both retail and manufacturers since Dec 2019
  • Meetings were held with stakeholders in Durban on the  25th Feb and Cape Town on 27th Feb at which inspection details, costs and test frequency has been shared by AFSQ
  • A final meeting will be held in Pretoria on 25th March for the inland stakeholders, if you need details or wish to attend the Pretoria workshop please contact Nicole Bergh or Tel 012 361 1937 ASAP.
  • A reminder that R 1283 becomes effective from 4th April 2020 and inspections will begin from 1st April 2020.
  • If you have missed these meeting please contact Nicole and she can send you a copy of the presentation.

Raw Processed Meat Draft regulation

As many members have butcheries or businesses that sell fresh processed meat (Burgers, Sausage, Mince etc.)  you need to read and consider the impacts that these new regulations may have on your business. They are posted on the SAMPA website under the section titled Regulations.

Once signed by the Minister our information is they will be effective immediately.
This regulation will also be administered by AFSQ and testing costs will like R 1283 be borne by the producers/retailers on a user-pay basis.

Particular emphasis will be on labelling and composition of finished products.

SAMPA Membership

Many of you receiving this newsletter are not SAMPA members. It is only through a broad and representative member base that we can powerfully represent the producers’ best interests when engaging the regulators.

By joining SAMPA you ensure a strong member-driven organization that is truly able to say they speak on behalf on the industry.

For only R 5800 per annum for each 200 employees, you can be part of the SAMPA organization knowing that your interests are being championed at all times.

All you need to do is complete the application form and I will contact you regarding payment details for 2020.

Kind Regards,
Peter Gordon
Visit their website for more information and news

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The new year has no doubt brought reflection on our past year of outcomes and results as traders. For those of you who did not have the best 2019, this is your chance to press the ‘reset button’ and commit to completely changing your mindset and views on trading in 2020!  Read more

In this edition:

  1. Imports & Exports 2018/2019
  2. Business Day Special Report
  3. Overview: Poultry Master Plan
  4. Global Trade Environment
  5. Microbiology Feature: Sampling
  6. Consumer Goods SO
  7. On the Radar.

Read Online PDF

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February 2020

SAPPO Board discusses focus areas

SAPPO’s Board met in Pretoria this week. According to CEO Johann Kotzé, SAPPO’s financial matters were discussed among others. “The focus of the meeting however was to determine focus areas for all the SAPPO divisions. We did this successfully,” he said.
View the Board in action.

Thank you to our digital sponsors!

A big thank you from SAPPO to our input suppliers that will sponsor our digital publications this year.

SAPPO News: Meadow, PIC, Trigga, 4 Mix International, DanBred, Biomin, Topigs Norsvin, Chemuniqué, Ceva

SAPPO’s infohub: Virbac, DanBred, 4 Mix International, Topigs Norsvin, Trigga, PIC, Meadow

Proff Johan Willemse

Johan Willemse on the Budget Speech

Will Moody’s be satisfied that sufficient structural changes will be implemented to curb the growing government debt relative to GDP and will the economy start to grow, or will they downgrade our credit rating to junk status? The risk remains that we will be downgraded. Read Prof Johan Willemse’s latest column on the economy.

More reaction to the Budget Speech

There was mixed feelings about minister Tito Mboweni’s Budget Speech. Read what FNB, Standard Bank, Agri SA, Agbiz and TAU SA said in reaction.
Read more

CS Vet's Pic of the month

Congratulations to PIC who is again the winner of last month’s CS Vet’s Pic of the Month. The photographer was Eben Wepener. A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to

Varkvleis op die wegneemspyskaart

Humphries Boerdery buite Bella Bella, het in Januarie saam met ‘n vennoot, Penzorn Familietrust, ‘n wegneemrestaurant vir varkvleis in Randburg oopgemaak wat smullekker varkvleisdisse verkoop.
Lees meer en kyk foto’s

Retail promotions: This is how it works

“Keeping fresh pork in the minds and on the dinner plates of consumers as often as possible is the crux of SAPPO’s participation in retail promotions,” says Marieta Human, SAPPO’s marketing manager. “Aggressive price specials are big attractions to entice consumers into supermarkets and butcheries.”
 Read more

Plans for foodwriters competition progressing

Plans are progressing well for SAPPO’s launch function of its competition for food influencers, including journalists, TV foodies and bloggers to be launched in May this year. The aim is to motivate them to keep SA PORK in the hearts and minds of consumers on a constant basis.

SAPPO will present a farmers day at Onderstepoort in March

SAPPO will present a farmers’ day at the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort veterinary facility on 25 March 2020. The topic will be “Let’s market pork”. Topics include marketing options, abattoir requirements and information on the carcass competition.
Read more

SAPPO farmers' day breaks records

A record amount of 144 people attended SAPPO’s farmers’ day at Elsenburg last week. Many topical issues were on the agenda.

Watch video

In the latest Procus

In the latest Porcus you can read about:
Why compartmentalisation for the SA pork industry? * Africa’s renewable revolution * Bek-en-klou wys op kritieke tekort aan veeartse * Lesse uit die land met die “groen” hoenders, and more. 

Read on-line version

Staff collaborates on SAPPO vision

SAPPO’s vision of a sustainable pork industry, as well as the organisation’s mission to serve the pig industry by providing clarity and direction, were some the topics discussed during this week’s staff workshop in Pretoria. Marieta Human, SAPPO’s marketing manager, was the facilitator.
Read more and view photograph

DanBred: Sophisticated data-based model protects from chromosomal defects

The Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC) has developed and implemented a sophisticated data-based model in the DanBred Breeding Programme to minimise the risk of chromosomal defects.
Read more

Still time to register for Topigs Norsvin's Event

Excitement is mounting for Topigs Norsvin’s 2020 Pork Event, will focus on a new era for African pork production.  The day will take place on 11 March at the Maslow Hotel, Times Square, Pretoria.

Register and view programme

PIC opens second boar station

PIC’s second boar station, Kleinfontein, was officialy opened on 24 February. Kleinfontein is located about 50 km outside Middelburg. The new boar station will house more than 200 boars that are expected early April
Read more and see who were there.

AFMA intruduces an e-learning platform for feed milling industry

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) introduced an e-learning platform for training in the feed milling industry. It took seven years to develop the platform.
Read more and view photograph

Latest disease report

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) introduced an e-learning platform for training in the feed milling industry. It took seven years to develop the platform.
Read more and view photograph

British meat industry slams new immigration policy

The British meat industry has offered a harsh criticism of the Government’s new immigration policy. The policy would introduce a point-based system for immigrants.
Read more

Russia considers fines for selling ASF-infected meat

Russia may introduce turnover-based fines for the unscrupulous meat processors accepting pork with African Swine Fever (ASF), was announced at a press conference.
Read more

African Swine Fever is spreading in the EU, says EFSA

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a devastating disease occurring for the first time in certain eastern areas of the European Union (EU), according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).
Read more

China’s second largest pig farmer rakes in the profit

China’s second largest pig farmer, Muyuan Foods Co Ltd, reported on Wednesday that full-year profits for 2019 jumped more than 1,000% to $869.8 million due to record hog prices caused by a drop in supply from the devastating ASF outbreak. The company sold more than 10 million pigs last year, benefiting from a 140% increase in hog prices in 2019, after ASF wiped out the pork supply and left many breeding farms empty, Reuters reports.
Read more

China’s changing pork needs: It’s time to differentiate

We enter 2020 with a host of unusual and unpredictable events. In other words, there is huge opportunity for those who can read the signs of the times.
Read more

Most read in last week's SAPPO Weekly Update

  • Auctions to resume
  • Visit to Pick n Pay head office
  • Latest Food Lovers’ Market  television advertisement
  • Africa’s first research and training feed mill to be launched at
  • Africa’s largest feed and animal nutrition conference
  • National minimum wage increase

Opens: South Africa (653), USA (24), UK (16), Mozambique (6), the Netherlands (4), Australia, Germany and Ireland (2), Finland and Nabibia (1)
View issue

New on SAPPO's infohub

  • Biosafety Level 3 laboratory boosts veterinary services portfolio
  • Research and training feed mill to be launched at AFMA 2020
  • What’s driving prices in SA’s food basket this year?
  • Most meat eaters think veganism is ethical, but too expensive, inconvenient and icky tasting!
  • Russia considers fines for selling ASF-infected meat
  • Instead of harmful alternatives’ companies need to ‘up’ their sustainability game

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The Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO) gratefully has taken note that R495.10 million was allocated to the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development to promote bio-security and exports.

“The outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease last year was a major setback for the red meat industry and had a negative impact on exports in particular”, said Mr Koos van der Ryst, Chairman of the national RPO.


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Foot and Mouth Disease: Molemole Outbreak Follow-up Report

27 February 2020    – Report compiled by Directorate: Animal Health

1.  Introduction and summary

An outbreak of FMD in the previous FMD zone was detected on 1 November 2019 and a total number of 19 positive locations were identified, with the last positive location reported to the OIE on 26 February 2020.  The increase in the number of positive locations is not indicative that the disease is actively spreading, but is as a result of the ongoing forward and backward tracing that is still being conducted as part of the disease investigation.

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