About Us

Key purpose of the Red Meat Industry Forum:

  • To represent the Red Meat Industry
  • To negotiate for an enabling regulatory environment
  • To formulate industry policy
  • To facilitate compliance to legislation
  • To appoint a Compliance Committee
  • To address non-compliance to industry related legislation
  • To decide on industry strategy
  • To guide and monitor progress of strategy
  • To apply for statutory levy and measures
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Focus areas of the Red Meat Industry:

  • Meat safety monitoring
  • Independent meat hygiene inspection
  • National abattoir hygiene evaluation system
  • Residue monitoring
  • Voluntary meat classification and marking
  • Meat classification coordination
  • Utilization of the carcass and innovative product improvement
  • Meat labelling
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Historical Funding

The Red Meat Industry determined a need for the continuation of a number of essential functions previously executed by the now disbanded Meat Board. In the period following 1994 certain of these functions were executed by the South African Meat Industry Company funded by the Meat Industry Trust and then later some of the major industry role player organizations agreed to fund these functions on a Rand to Rand basis with the Meat Industry Trust. This funding method was an interim measure and not sustainable in the long run.

Statutory Levies and Measures

In March 2005 the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) submitted an application for the introduction of a Proportional Transaction statutory levy in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (Act Nr. 47 of 1996) as amended (the MAP Act). In order to enhance the efficiency of levy administration and information collection, two ancillary statutory measures, namely registration and information collection, and the keeping and rendering of records and returns were also requested. The levy and measures are enforceable within the boundaries of the Republic of South African and to red meat, red meat products, processed pork imported into South Africa and  livestock exported from South Africa.

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